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Colon Hydrotherapy in Calgary

In today’s fast paced, fast food, ‘give it to me now’ society the body is being bombarded with toxins and stress. Fluid Movements was started to address these concerns and help people process and deal with this multi-tasking and over-stimulating environment. Combining the activities of Yoga, Nutrition and Colon Hydrotherapy, Kelsey Marshall works to bring harmony to your mind and body through cleansing and grounding.


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1-2 Saturday’s/month 10-2pm
Sunday: No way, day of rest!

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About Kelsey Marshall About Gina Primavera
About Kelsey Marshall About Gina Primavera
  • Certified Yoga Instructor, 300 hour Yoga Studio, Calgary, AB. 2007
  • Advanced Level Certified Colon Hydrotherapist
  • Certifed Advanced Medpro Colon Hydrotherapist.
  • Yoga Thrive Therapuetic Yoga Cancer Survivors
  • Level 3 of 4 Critical Alignment Therapy Yoga
  • ...




After battling depression for a few years, my body was feeling horrible. I was tired, constipated and bloated. I went to a variety of natural therapists and spent nearly two thousand dollars on various remedies and diets just trying to get myself regulated. Nothing was working. It just baffled me that in this day and age something like curing constipation could be so difficult and expensive. When I learned about colonic hydrotherapy I was intrigued but a little nervous. Of all the therapists I contacted, Kelsey was the most cheerful and was more than happy to listen to my history and concerns.

Upon meeting Kelsey I felt immediately at ease. She is an utmost professional, and I immediately knew I was in very good hands. Surprisingly, I found the session to be very relaxing with Kelsey gently guiding me through. When my body finally started to release some of its pent up waste I was so overcome with relief I actually had a much needed cry, and I left feeling much lighter and energetic.

After 3 sessions my constipation had completely subsided and different people were telling me that my skin was glowing and all sorts of lovely comments. My tummy was even considerably flatter. I've even noticed a major decrease in my cravings for sweets and have shed about 8 pounds in the past two months. Colonic hydrotherapy can indeed be a great catalyst for further self-improvement as it allows you to actually see (if you choose to) the incredible amount of toxins that can be hidden inside you. It was such a powerful image to behold, and now I am much more conscious of what I choose to put into my body.

All it took was 4 sessions and the healing hands of Kelsey to rid me of a condition that plagued me for almost 3 years. I give extra credit to Kelsey for the loving and gentle care she provides and would highly recommend her to anyone on a journey of personal healing and rejuvenation.


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