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Colon Hydrotherapy in Calgary

In today’s fast paced, fast food, ‘give it to me now’ society the body is being bombarded with toxins and stress. Fluid Movements was started to address these concerns and help people process and deal with this multi-tasking and over-stimulating environment. Combining the activities of Yoga, Nutrition and Colon Hydrotherapy, Kelsey Marshall works to bring harmony to your mind and body through cleansing and grounding.


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1-2 Saturday’s/month 10-2pm
Sunday: No way, day of rest!

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About Kelsey Marshall About Gina Primavera
About Kelsey Marshall About Gina Primavera
  • Certified Yoga Instructor, 300 hour Yoga Studio, Calgary, AB. 2007
  • Advanced Level Certified Colon Hydrotherapist
  • Certifed Advanced Medpro Colon Hydrotherapist.
  • Yoga Thrive Therapuetic Yoga Cancer Survivors
  • Level 3 of 4 Critical Alignment Therapy Yoga
  • ...




I've had "intestinal issues" for as long as I can remember, in fact I believe they run in my family. At first it was constipation, often going days without a bowel movement. Over the last year or so I have experienced painful bloating which at times made me look several months pregnant. I gained weight and even though I exercised regularly, I just couldn't get rid of this mass that made my pants feel so tight.

At first I tried adding more fibre and drinking more water. When that didn't work I tried self-administered enemas and even laxatives such as senokot, thinking that because they were "natural", they must be ok. When I realized the terrible effects they can have on a person, I tried probiotics and digestive enzymes. I sought advice from a nutritionist and started to practice clean eating. I went to my family doctor and had every test done. When the results came back fine, I was at a loss as to what I could try next.

Last December, I saw an ad at a local yoga studio for Colon Hydrotherapy. I gave Kelsey a call and started treatments that week. It did take several sessions but things started to clear. When you think of the years of abuse my colon had taken over the years, a few months doesn't seem that long at all. You really have no idea what could be lurking on the inside. I cannot put into words how much better I feel now. I feel lighter, have more energy, can fit into my pants and am virtually pain free! Kelsey makes the entire experience so wonderful. I look forward to our sessions together and would recommend this to anyone, especially if you've experienced symptoms like mine. It will change your life.


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