Rawbellion Foods


Bite Me Bars were created to Inspire Pure Health.

In addition to the Colon Hydrotherapy I have now opened up a licensed home-based commercial kitchen. Now I am working with people from both ends! This is equally important because the saying you are what you eat is true. I choose to use only the finest quality ingredients. I’ve created a wonderful whole food bar full of super food ingredients, read on to see just what all is in these labors of love from me to you.

Think of your digestive tract as a car. Do you want a Lexus or a Lemon? Well adding in good quality food is one thing that can help fine tune your system!

Rawbellion Foods™ was born out of a love of healthy foods.

The Bite Me Bars are just the beginning!

Rawbellion Foods has received this incredible testimonial from the Staff at Planet Organic South Calgary:

” As far as the samples that you so kindly brought in for us to enjoy, the overall consensus was that your bars are SIMPLY AMAZING!!! We collected around 10 of our staff in the office and fought over them until there was nothing left. Personally I thought the hint of orange oil was delicious.”

Wow!! how exciting 🙂

We are now awaiting a decision from head office in BC to see if Planet Organic is interested in carrying these tasty snack, so check back for an update soon!! 
If you’re looking for GMO’s, preservatives, artificial additives, or any other toxic junk not intended for the human body you’re looking at the wrong product. This is pure, wholesome, real food made with integrity!

With a fully loaded ingredient line up these raw, gluten free, lactose free bars will send you out into the world with a fulfilling abundance of energy.

Perfect for hiking, biking, skiing, busy lifestyles and all other activities.

The process is one that takes time and is made with pure love and integrity.


Professional Pic from AlisonAll Natural Ingredients

Bite Me Bars contains the following:

Two Flavors Chocolate Orange & Chocolate Peppermint

Sprouted Buckwheat, almonds, walnuts, cashews, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, goji berries, cacao nibs, coconut flakes and raisins. This is then all mixed in with coconut oil, raw local honey, cinnamon, lucuma, mesquite powder, lemon oil & orange oil.

From there, everything is dehydrated at low temps to maintain the living energy of this high quality product.

~ Inspire Pure Health ~

If you would like to order then send me an email at Kelsey@fluidmovements.ca to make arrangements. This is all new so I’m still working on finding places to carry the bars. In the meantime please be patient until these bars are available in stores 🙂
1 bag for $15 + GST
2 for $25
For b
ulk order pricing please call or email.